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NS1081 USB 3.0 Flash Card Controller

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NS1081 is a 4-channel high-performance USB 3.0 Flash Cardcontroller. On one side, it interfaces with the USB interface and is compatible with USB SuperSpeed (5Gbps), Hi-Speed (480Mbps), and Full-Speed (12Mbps). On the other side, it interfaces with up to four flash memories, it supports Secure Digital (SD), SDHC, SDXC, miniSD, microSD (T-Flash), MultiMediaCard (MMC), Embedded-MultiMediaCard (eMMC), RS-MMC, MMCmicro, and MMCmobile. It also supports high density memory cards with capacity up to 2TB, and high speed memory cards includingSD3.0 UHS-I cards and eMMC4.5 HS200. NS1081 can be configured either as four 4bit channels or two 8bit channels.

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 Support 4-channel/2-channel RAID0 operation for significantly increased capacity and data access rate.

 Support RAID1 operation for high data security (customized firmware required).

Up to 200MB/s read/write speed.

Self-developed high-performance USB 3.0 transceivers with low-power and low-jitter. The transceivers have built-in test capabilities for guaranteed functions and performance.

 On-chip high-efficiency 5V to 1.2V DC-DC regulator.

 On-chip 5V to 3.3V and 1.8V regulators.